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Feburary 2024 to present

Right Here

A weekly newsletter dedicated to slowing down and appreciating what we already have in front of us, Right Here. I'll curate a list of my weekly favorites and keep you up to date with some stories from my week.  


July 2020

Little Big Head

In July 2020, my book, Little Big Head was published on Amazon by the New Degree Press. It is a story about growing up in the Midwest, being massively unsure and scared of the future and the right path forward. Here is an inside look at my process writing the book. Available on Amazon. 


September 2016 to June 2018

The Michigan Daily

I had the privilege of writing columns and being the Managing Design Editor on The Michigan Daily in 2017. It was a busy year filled with a lot of late production nights and creative covers for special issues like the Bicentennial and Graduation Issues. I made my most beloved of college memories and had invaluable learning experiences at The Michigan Daily.

For my friends,

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