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I worked to create meaningful IT experiences for every user, specific to their needs. 


knowledge articles

During my time at Disney I had the opportunity to create and publish nine knowledge articles for the internal IT platform, DToolsIT.

These articles allowed users to get the information they need, specific to their business area, in order to make requests that allow them to access the plethora of IT services the Walt Disney Company provides.


Used Java and HTML to code the articles onto the site, and received helpful user feedback to improve the content of the articles. 

client relations

Facilitated 11+ meetings with clients to discuss the current use of their catalog item, what areas could use improvement and how the form could improve their business area.


This required breaking down technical requirements to communicate them to clients in a productive way.


I enjoyed getting to know each client, their needs and successfully helping them find a technical solution for their business area they could understand and support. 

usability testing

Usability access tested over 500 catalog items that were to go live on the new portal experience.


Made sure the smart forms that were created executed as intended, including ensuring specific users had access to the form while others did not. I also ensured the site was ready for the next step in the development process and to successfully go live by our goal date.

quality assurance testing

QA tested 10+ catalog items to ensure that they were successful in abiding by the technical guidelines my team set out for each item.


Made sure each catalog item routed to the right fulfillment group. De-bugged any issues I saw within the ServiceNow platform. 

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